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I’ve known Kendall for over 15 years and in that time I’ve seen her grow in to the person she is today:

passionate, fearless, driven and deeply loyal. She’s been driven to BE the best her whole life and once her kids arrived she wanted to give them the best. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things diet and health related and you can see that in everything she does for them. Kendall fights for the things and people she cares about. I’ve seen her go to bat for her kids, for herself and also, me. I’ve been lucky in life to have her in my corner — and if you know what’s good for you you’ll put her in yours.

LH – Los Angeles, CA

I have known Kendall for more than 20 years on a personal and professional level.

Kendall is genuine, inspiring, and thoughtful. Her passion for health and life is contagious! She is incredibly savvy and a smart business woman. Anyone that gets the chance to meet her, have her be your friend, or work with her is incredibly lucky! She will help you become the best person you can be!

KB – Kensington, MD

Kendall changed my life! I am a working mom in my fifties with a very demanding job.

My life has been stress-packed for over fifteen years, which has taken a toll on my health. My expensive concierge doctor had me meet her nutritionist last year and it was ridiculously basic and generic - a total waste of my time. Then I met Kendall. Kendall's evaluation of me involved EVERY aspect of my life - medical, career, lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise, stress, as well as significant life events that impacted me. I was amazed by such a thorough and holistic evaluation. Kendall taught me that health is truly integrative - every symptom is connected, and every facet of my life contributed in some way to my current state of health (more than I could have imagined). Kendall did this in a way that was instructive, compassionate, and non judgemental. I always feel like she is in my corner. What is amazing about Kendall is that everything she doesis tailored to ME. From Day One she gave me tips, techniques and recommended products personalized for my situation. She put me on a path to good health that does not involve short cuts or fad diets. She convinced me to fix the root problems, so that my results last. Knowledge is power, and Kendall empowered me! I cant recommend Kendall enough. I promise you will never regret hiring her. She will open your eyes andchange your life!

— Ana Rhea

I have known Kendall for many years and she is not only a great friend, she’s an excellent mother, and a prime example of someone who is hardworking and resolute to succeed in all that she does.

She has faced many challenges in her life and has successfully overcome them with her strength, determination, and unwavering quest for being the best she can be physically and cognitively.  Kendall’s love and knowledge of all things health and fitness is evident in her daily life and she pushes herself to achieve her personal goals. Her enthusiasm for well-being is a sure motivation to inspire others to reach their personal objectives as well!

LP – Bethesda, MD

Kendall is dedicated to making sure that you reach your wellness goals. She is passionate about nutrition and health and has been supportive in teaching us simple ways to improve our lifestyle.

ED – Bethesda, MD

Kendall makes a healthy way of life accessible to people of all ages.

Her dedication to a well balanced diet, exercise, and personal well-being promotes fun and easy to maintain lifestyle improvements.

CH – Bethesda, MD

Kendall was great! She was attentive, detailed, and she created specific solutions geared toward my goals. She is passionate about her work and helping people heal as naturally as possible. She is honest and genuine which makes opening up to her really easy. Kendall has a lot of medical knowledge and is well researched and read. She ran the consult really well I felt empowered during it.


Kendall was so sweet and so informative. She was fantastic. It was beneficial to participate in this process because going over my eating habits and lifestyle out loud really opened my eyes.


I’ve been working with Kendall for a few months now. I initially reached out to her for guidance with trying to lower my cholesterol and to find optimal ways to fuel my body with the correct type of foods as I train for several half marathons.

Kendall has been incredibly helpful and professional. She suggested the Mediterranean diet and has sent me tons of delicious recipes, in addition to a detailed meal plan. I’ve also loved the supplements and protein powders that she’s recommended, as well as the Athletic Greens which have become a staple in my morning routine. I've had a strong racing season and have even lost weight thanks to Kendall's expertise! She's truly invested in her client's success and is always available to answer any questions you have.

— Kelly Torray-Garcia

You are a very health conscious and dedicated person and friend who will be able to use your personal experiences with life and love to help your clients to not only achieve a healthy lifestyle, but to also coach them in becoming better people all around, which can be difficult to do with busy lives.

AW – Rockville, Md

My work with Kendall was very beneficial for me in reaching my weight loss goals and overall health.

We discussed several minor issues that I’m also experiencing such as difficulty sleeping and some muscle soreness and tightness. We discussed some possible solutions to my sleeping habits. Overall, I’m excited to start a better eating & health regiment thanks to Kendall. I thought Kendall was very informative and knowledgeable about the impacts that a good eating regiment can have and benefits of vitamin supplements. She asked very detailed questions and I appreciated all her advice. She spent a good amount of time with me and never felt rushed. She has a great demeanor about her and I would love to continue working with Kendall.


Kendall is the health and wellness practitioner everyone needs.

My traditional medical doctors have never gone into this much detail to learn all about my health and nutritional habits that deeply affect how I feel on a daily basis. She uses an integrativeand functional approach which is leaves no stone uncovered. I really enjoyed this session with Kendall - she’s just as smart and knowledgeable (if not more) than my old primary care doctor who doesn’t seem to care about ½ of what we talked about. Thank you!


As a longtime friend of Kendall’s, she has been a positive light and example to me and others.

She takes health and wellness very seriously and is always looking to better herself, her family and the people that surround her. With so many fad diets on the market, Kendall is extremely knowledgeable of ways to achieve your goals in a healthy manner. Whether it’s to lose weight or to improve your nutritional intake, Kendall is committed to creating a program that fits your likes, dislikes and lifestyle. She is kind, compassionate and is very easy to confide in. Her energy and positive outlook inspires me to lead a healthier lifestyle.

RV – Bethesda, MD

This consultation was very helpful for me.

I have always been traditional medicine focused and as I am aging I am open and interested in a more integrative health approach. I was very comfortable talking about my health, stress, exercise, supplements and eating habits which I have never had such a comprehensive discussion about before. Kendall asked questions and it allowed me to really open up to her which is not typical of me. I really appreciate all the information Kendall was able to provide. I really enjoyed the 2 hour consultation as I was able to speak about what is going on in my life/world that is affecting me, as well as, talk thru the questionnaire. The comprehensive discussion was very enlightening on how an integrative health approach is lacking for me right now. I am very grateful for this opportunity as it has opened my eyes to a different approach for my health and the value of integrative health. Please continue educating people like myself that are very busy and want to live a healthy lifestyle.