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personal nutritionist that accommodates your busy schedule so you can live

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integrative and functional nutritionist and health coach

Experience the difference in having a nutrition expert and health coach in your corner who understands you and can help you make healthy changes that fit within your lifestyle and personal needs.

Meet Kendall

As an integrative and functional nutritionist, I specialize in helping individuals, both women and men, tackle chronic health issues by pinpointing and addressing their root causes. This approach enables my clients to reclaim vibrant health and vitality, steering clear of the confusion often associated with conventional medical treatments.

The hallmark of my success is witnessed when clients find themselves enjoying increased energy, happiness, and physical fitness, as a result of overcoming their health symptoms.

Unlike the prevailing medical practices that frequently depend on medication and invasive measures at the later stages of illness, my focus is on recognizing and understanding the early, subtle signs of health imbalances and investigating their underlying reasons.

I believe in the extraordinary healing capabilities of our bodies, which are often hindered by the stresses of modern living. These stresses disrupt our body’s natural communication systems, leading to various dysfunctions that commonly begin in the gut and may impact our hormonal, neurological, and metabolic systems. This can result in symptoms such as fatigue, reduced mental clarity, memory problems, sleep issues, mood fluctuations, and weight gain. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s your body signaling the need for change.

Operating within the realms of Functional and Integrative Medicine, my practice is dedicated to demystifying the journey to health and offering steadfast support through the most natural and body-aligned methods possible. Focusing on tangible health outcomes rather than diagnostic labels, I commit to your life and health objectives, starting with attentive listening and evolving into a proficient partnership and guidance on your wellness path.

My Mission

I use an evidence based, holistic approach to health for my clients by incorporating food, sleep, stress, fitness, and toxic environmental factors in an effort to manage chronic health conditions and reduce the risk of chronic disease.


Customized Weight Management
Advanced Body Composition Analysis
Genetic Testing for Nutrition and Fitness
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