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Ready to “Get Healthy” But Don’t Know How To Ditch Your Cravings?

The Secret To Regaining Your Energy: How to Reset Your Unhealthy Food Habits

And Create A Fresh, Busy-Mom-Approved Lifestyle

Some of you might be saying:

“Finally, a program that focuses on what I want (more energy, feel lighter all around) without all the processed food and powdered shakes!”

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And others of you might be saying:

“Sure, sure, yet another fad diet I’ll try and then yo-yo my way right back up to this dreaded 10-lbs-more-than-I-want-number I can’t ditch…”

And I get it. I get it all.

You felt so full of energy

so full of verve

as a 20-year-old but were too ignorant to realize it wouldn’t last forever, and now you feel a bit like a sluggish, matronly thing and way older than you should, but you just don’t know how to get back to that youthful zing.

It’s like you need a way-back-machine for your body, but want to keep all your life experience and instead, you just feel… stuck.

You’ve tried Keto and tried Whole 30 and Shakeology and even kinda tried the South Beach Diet back in the day, but you

  • either didn’t finish the program (because hello, those rigid plans don’t fit in with your busy schedule juggling the pre-school PTA and your husband’s company gathering he just sprung on you!) or
  • weeks after getting close to your goal weight you started adding a few favorite foods back in and bounced right back up again.
comfortable in your own skin

You long for the days

when “perky” described your body and these days you’d settle even for “comfortable in my own skin,” but instead you dread the thought of pulling on a real outfit and walking into a room full of women.

And what if, at the end of the day, you actually finished a chapter of that book you’ve been reading for months instead of falling asleep, exhausted, mid-paragraph?

It’s no wonder you haven’t made it to Pilates in a while!

With so many competing, rigid diet plans and so much pulling at your little remaining time left in the day, who wants to spend it scouring Pinterest for a recipe that looks quasi-healthy and maybe quick enough to pull off before bedtime?

Like you, I’ve tried (or seen loved ones) try a lot of plans diets.  I watched my dad totally transform his health with the fad diet of the time, Fit for Life. At a young age, it had a big impact on me to see him turn to healthier food and lifestyle choices and lose a significant amount of weight and regain his health.

I was always in tune with my body as an active kid in sports and cheerleading, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant and found out:

  • 1 out of 4 people have diabetes
  • Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and 
  • quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years

Then I started my nutrition journey

meet kendall mackintosh

Unfortunately, I lived with someone on the SAD (standard American diet) path and witnessed so many symptoms: fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, overuse of antibiotics… you name it.

I witnessed all of that while learning about integrative nutrition, mindset and lifestyle choices, and more in the wellness arena.

I knew then–I had to make a big, life-altering change and shed my toxic surroundings to lead a toxic-free lifestyle.

The reason you’re still feeling stuck and still carrying that extra 10 and still regretting that last shake program you got into isn’t because you regret trying to be healthy.

The reason you’re still stuck is that you haven’t found the right combination of food AND mindset.

That’s how the F.R.E.S.H. Framework was born–I threw my toxic life out the window and replaced it with a lifestyle change.

Every sustainable food and lifestyle change needs to follow these five steps:

  1. Find your why
  2. Ready yourself: plan and prepare
  3. Eat well, eat organic, eat enough, and eat on time
  4. 5 S’s: Sweat, Switch It Up, Strengthen, (De)Stress, and Sleep
  5. Healing & Reflecting: looking back on your whole life transformation
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Comfortable in your own skin...

The F.R.E.S.H. Framework is the key to a food change that lasts, so you can be comfortable in your skin and enjoy the vibrancy a healthy, holistic life gives you–especially as a busy mom doing all the things.

comfortable mom in her own skin
f.r.e.s.h. framework

Making right decisions for you + your kids

Now I know what I put into my body affects me, and I have the wisdom to do what’s right for me and my children.

If I can do it...

Once I found my own lifestyle change, I started dreaming of ways to make this attainable for others–because if I can do this as a single mom of 3, just imagine what the F.R.E.S.H. Framework can do for you!

kids cooking with mom

Let’s add more exuberant, healthy energy to your life with…

clean reset announcement

The busy-mom-approved metabolism reset food plan for women who crave more energy and a sustainable lifestyle without relying on powdered shakes and pre-packaged meals.

clean reset pdfs

Whether you’re working hard in the home or at a job, a clean metabolism reset covers the mindset + food plan you’ve been waiting for to reclaim your vibrance and boost your spirit.

  • Mamas with littles
  • Work-at-home or stay-at-home moms managing it all
  • Empty nesters getting back to themselves
  • Moms squeezing life in between soccer games and meetings
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Look at this as the clean-living reset you’ve been longing for and the key to regain your 25-year-old body with all the benefit of the experience and knowledge you have today–the best of both worlds.

  • Feel great in your own skin again even if it’s been years since you walked into a room of women (or men!) confidently
  • Release that last 10 lbs (finally!) so you feel like you’ve got your 25-year-old body back
  • Create a routine that works in YOUR busy, pulled-in-all-the-directions life
  • Enjoy the healthy, buoyant hair and glowing skin you may have had in pregnancy (just, you know, without the whole new baby thing)
  • Eat well with real foods–no more pre-packaged meals and shakes!
  • Learn to make healthy, holistic life choices that are easy to make–even if you’re a whole lot of steps away from “chef” and don’t want to own all the fancy kitchen tools.

Finally, a lifestyle change rather than just another short-term fad diet

(and the inevitable yo-yo weight bounce after).

“I’m amazed at how nutritious and thorough this program is. It’s very easy to follow and I have not been hungry or craving certain foods the whole time! I like how there are so many options and it works for my restricted gluten-free, dairy-free diet.”

– Katie S

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Each week’s plan includes a meal prep guide, grocery list, and meal plans with recipes. In addition to that the guides contain:

Week 1 Guide + Meal Plan

  • The mindset training you need to start strong and make healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes
  • The sugar detox: releasing cravings & resetting habits
  • How to avoid the yo-yo diet effect
  • The ins and outs of your metabolism–and the science-y stuff you want to know
  • Defining your why and setting honest intentions so you can actually follow through
  • The 5-step Success Path

Weeks 2-4 Guide + Meal Plan

  • The craving-busting snack list
  • Expanded variety in recipes and foods
  • Important habit reminders

I feel lighter, leaner and more satisfied now.

“I was nervous to start something so regimented but I realized that’s exactly what I needed. Now my cravings are gone! I love that I have this program for life and I can pick it back up when I want to.  I feel lighter, leaner and more satisfied now.”

– Tricia P


This program helped me to make myself a priority

I really had to shift my mindset into making a change. This program helped me to make myself a priority and focus on what I need to change my habits, lose weight that’s been there a long time and feel better about myself .” 

– Elizabeth C

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The More Energy Guarantee

You’ve got 14 days to experience the sugar detox and metabolism reset–that’s a full half of the Clean Reset program.

If you take this course and still don’t feel more energy throughout the day (even if you’re juggling work meetings and toddler meltdowns throughout) you deserve your money back.

If you aren’t finding it easier to meal prep and grocery shop in a healthy way, streamlining your busy life in a way that aids your schedule, you deserve your money back.

I’ve lived this plan and guided dozens of students through this material on their way to healthier lives. I’m so confident you’ll have the same results I’ll happily refund you if you don’t experience more energy and the opportunity to build healthier habits. Simply send me an email at ____ and I’ll get you your money back.

Plus I'm also including:

01. Self Care Master Menu

(value $47)

  • the choose-your-own-adventure style self-care menu you’ve been waiting for–even a busy mom can find the time with this guide!
  •  the secret behind finding the self-care activity that boosts YOUR energy–even if it wouldn’t be the best choice for your best friend or mom

02. Success Journal + Habit Tracker

(value $97)

  • the ultimate guide to “Get Honest and Find Your Why”
  • measurement check-in tracker to not only motivate but hold accountability
  • weekly shopping guide to ensure your meal plan success isn’t derailed from a missing ingredient
clean reset announcement

The busy-mom-approved metabolism reset food plan for women who crave more energy and a sustainable lifestyle without relying on powdered shakes and pre-packaged meals.

clean reset product mockup

Clean Reset Mindset Training (value $297)

Week One Meal Plan + 35 Recipes ($value 97)
Week Two Meal Plan + 57 Recipes ($value 97)
Week Three Meal Plan + 52 Recipes ($value 97)
Week Four Meal Plan + 39 Recipes ($value 97)

Self Care Master Menu (value $47)

Success Journal + Habit Tracker (value $97)

Total Value: $829

Today's Price: $247

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I join Clean Reset can I really fully enjoy eating and cooking again without worrying about my weight?

Yes, you really can learn to enjoy eating and cooking even if you’ve never enjoyed cooking before and you’ve always felt anxiety about gaining weight with each meal choice in the past. This isn’t just a food plan–it’s a lifestyle. 

I’m not perfect or rigid about clean eating now, and I never want to be. But my life has changed dramatically since the days of having tons of white sugar, chemical soaked products, and unhealthy processed foods in my pantry. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. Now I know what I put into my body affects me, and I have the wisdom to do what’s right for me and my children.

Is this just another meal plan with a bunch of powdered shakes and pre-packaged meals?

Move over Shakeology, this couldn’t be farther from a pre-packaged, shake-laden meal plan. Are there opportunities for smoothies? Of course! But they aren’t the only option and you’ll be eating a variety of real foods in a plant-rich diet–and if you do choose a smoothie as a meal or snack I give my handy tips to make sure it’s nutritious and not a sugar bomb that leaves you sluggish.

Eating a plant-rich diet means pre-packaged, processed foods aren’t necessary. You have everything you need at your local grocery store.

What if I’ve already tried Keto or Paleo?

Fad diets are just that–fads. Most women who come to me have tried multiple fad diets and while they may have had some initial success, they aren’t sustainable.

That’s the real difference with Clean Reset; it’s a sustainable lifestyle. My goal? You’ll also say, “I’m feeling really good about it and I’m planning on using this program over and over and/or continuing it in a modified way long-term” when you finish it.

Will I have to make different meals for myself than my kids?

Most of the recipes in this plan are kid-friendly. That said, if your children are also sugar and processed-food laden right now, they may feel the same about detoxing in the moment and need some gentle guidance along the way.

How long will I spend cooking and preparing food?

We’re all busy mamas, amiright? Luckily I’ve designed this program to fit into our lives as they are, not trying to make you fit your life to a program. 

You can meal prep for the week in about two hours–I recommend Sundays.

Do I need to be a great cook or buy new kitchen appliances?

Clean Reset’s recipes aren’t complicated (coz who’s got time for that?!) and other than the optional meal prep containers I recommend, require no special tools.

And bonus? I’m not going to send you to five different markets trying to find that one ridiculous ingredient–everything I recommend is easily accessible.

Is the meal plan rigid? I’ve got food allergies!

Unlike many of the fad diets, I give many substitutes or alternatives in the weekly guides, even in the first week which is the most rigid of the four. Weeks 2-4 include plenty of variety even for the strictest of diets. 

An example? If you’re not a fish person, I give three protein alternatives for some of the dinner ideas. Week 1 is egg-heavy, and I also give an allergy-friendly substitute for those eggs in that week, too.

Will this help me lose that stubborn last 10 lbs?

There’s nothing that will get you unstuck like Clean Reset. Multiple clients have told me it changes the way they think about food, how much food to eat, how often, how to include exercise and self-care in their lives. Mindset plays a huge role in releasing that last 10!

I feel like this is the start to a whole new me.

“I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids and I am pulled in a million directions–I always ended up eating off my kids’ plates. I was tired of the excess weight, not sleeping well, relying on caffeine and alcohol to get me through my days.  This month gave me a chance to focus on myself, my health, and better habits.

I feel like this is the start to a whole new me. I see myself sticking to this program and I love it!”

– Sally R


Like you, I’ve seen the gamut of messages and what leading a healthy life means. I thought growing up on a farm and literally running with dirt between my toes meant I’d always feel healthy. With those roots?!

Instead, I fell into bad habits in my 20’s and then through life experiences I deepened those habits with bad influences around me. It was a classic case of you don’t know what you don’t know compounded by poor advice.

Healthy, holistic living is something anyone can do but not something everyone chooses.

I lost those years of health, but you don’t have to.

You can ensure you don’t live with years of unhealthy regrets and start living the more energetic, glowing life you imagined when you were a teen, dreaming of your future family.

We all deserve to have that wisdom, and it starts here with you today. Your story began long ago, and the transformation begins NOW.

It’s time to plant that holistic flag in the ground and reclaim your health.

I’ll be here to offer you support and accountability along the way.

clean reset announcement

The busy-mom-approved metabolism reset food plan for women who crave more energy and a sustainable lifestyle without relying on powdered shakes and pre-packaged meals.

clean reset product mockup

Clean Reset Mindset Training (value $297)

Week One Meal Plan + 35 Recipes ($value 97)
Week Two Meal Plan + 57 Recipes ($value 97)
Week Three Meal Plan + 52 Recipes ($value 97)
Week Four Meal Plan + 39 Recipes ($value 97)

Self Care Master Menu (value $47)

Success Journal + Habit Tracker (value $97)

Total Value: $829

Today's Price: $247

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