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As a busy mom of 4, when I seek advice on my health, I look to to someone who is highly educated though science and nutrition because I really don't have time to sift through so much information.  Especially during a time when immune health is crucial, I need a one stop shop for my information.  I am so glad I found Kendall.  I have been very pleased with her attention to detail and its obvious she cares deeply for her clients.  She goes above and beyond to identify the root cause of any issue.  She has also helped me to find ways to get my kids to eat better!  What a gift to have an awesome nutritionist I can turn to for all of my nutrition and wellness questions!


I feel like I take so many different supplements every day.  Thank goodness I connected with Kendall and her easy to follow list of essential items needed for immune support because she gives some really great options that aren't "more pills."  I love all the liquid options she provides.  I also learned how important it is to reduce oxidative stress!  Thank you, Kendall


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