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6 month

Health Coaching Package

This program includes everything in the three month program however gives you the opportunity to work with me for a total of six months. It’s proven, that real and lasting changes occur over a longer period of time.

Weekly follow up sessions and support

To maintain complete accountability throughout your weight-loss phase, we provide weekly follow-up appointments, which will include individualized dietary guidance appropriate to your lifestyle and environment, as well as a discussion of your weekly progress. For the first month, coaching sessions are 45 minutes; and 30 minutes thereafter.

Along with your weekly coaching session, the weekly rate also includes:
Let’s get started!

I would be happy to meet with you in person, over the phone, or via FaceTime/Zoom. Please use the Contact Me form to get in touch on my site. Once I receive and review your personal and confidential health history, I will email you a Daily Nutrition Log. I will ask that you fill it out for 2-3 days before we meet so I can gain some insight into your eating and lifestyle habits.